Wow — The MetaFilter Scholarship. There are about a billion good things I could say about this, but instead, I’ll let everyone else’s words speak for me, except to add that it should surprise nobody that one of the most impressive guys on the web should step up and do something this noble and deserving of praise. Now go, everyone, and donate more to the cause.

Cool. I was surfing around tonight, trying to find out some information on neonatal screening programs across the country, and ran across The coolest thing about the site, though, is that it appears to run on the SlashCode bulletin board system (the same system that’s behind Slashdot). Finally, a good use for the software…

Business Week has a great article on how, despite the eventual crash of last year’s internet-crazy market, the money managers and brokerage firms raked in the profits. The best quote of the piece:

So will the financial firms’ newfound restraint hold them back next time? Don’t bet on it. Experienced money managers say the lesson to draw from the Net bust is that investors need to do their own homework and not just rely on the experts. “At the bottom of the cycle, they tell you they’ve tightened their due diligence standards,” says Van Wagoner. “At the top of the cycle, they always find a reason to take companies public. You can’t rely on them to do the due diligence.”

One of my friends and I always laugh at the corporate IT department when they tell us that we can’t plug a machine into the network when it’s running some new version of an operating system; their reason is always that “it could destabilize the network,” something that we just don’t believe could be true. Well, I should amend that to didn’t believe it could be true, since a bug in Cisco’s Catalyst 5000 operating system causes it to crash when faced with traffic from a Windows XP machine, bringing down the network. (Meanwhile, read the talkback threads at the bottom of the article — typical Microsoft bashing, even when the article specifically notes that the bug is Cisco’s, not Microsoft’s. Morons.)