Going into the first round of the NBA playoffs, just what the New York Knicks needed was two players being quoted making pretty overtly anti-Semetic statements in today’s New York Times Magazine. Since the story actually hit the wires yesterday sometime, both Allan Houston and Charlie Ward (the two players quoted in the article) have further “clarified” their statements; this clarification involves saying that they’re “just the messenger” and making some inscrutable claim of context.

Cool — zero-copy networking is going to make it into the mainstream Linux kernel. I wonder how easy it will be to enable or disable it; I can’t imagine that it will be useful for your average low-load server, whereas large web and database servers probably will get enormous benefit from not having to copy data multiple times before putting it onto the wire.

Dammit, I know this will shock you all, but Dubya’s hypocracy continues to piss me off.

Disney is continuing the evisceration of its internet divisions by shutting down Mr. Showbiz. It’s a damn shame; between Mr. Showbiz and the Internet Movie Database, it’s a tough call which is the most valuable movie website. The oddest part of the move is that they are replacing the website with “a beefed up dot-com” related to Us Weekly, a title in which Disney only owns equity.

At my other job today, our server room air conditioners decided that they’d had enough. Let me tell you, 60 computers in a closed, uncooled room does not make for a good scene; two or three machines aren’t with us anymore, and we had to shut down all but five or six of them just to keep the room from crossing the 100 degree mark. The kicker, though, was the monitoring system that hit me with three thousand email messages alerting me to the temperature problem. Would you say that it’s time to find a better way to keep tabs on the room?