I ain’t gonna lie to y’all — the coolest example of why the Internet rocks is that I’m currently watching a live, full-motion video feed from a camera on the outside of the International Space Station, with the CanadArm 2 hanging off of it and Earth’s surface soaring by below. So freaking cool. (The funny part is that, on the live audio, they’re actively trying to debug a serial and an ethernet connection somewhere on ISS.)

Dahlia Lithwick is back on Slate with her latest Supreme Court dispatch; this one covers the Court’s ruling on whether police can arrest people on relatively minor misdemeanor offenses, and wonders how the Court would look if, instead of voluntarily retiring, the Justices were subjected to Survivor-like rules.

The flooding in the Midwest has finally hit home for me. (In all seriousness, this is a pretty cool picture.)

If you’re running the latest-and-greatest Linux kernel (the 2.4 series) and you’re having repeatable trouble contacting certain websites, you may want to take a look at this. The 2.4-level kernels contain support for a new networking protocol, ECN (explicit congestion notification), and the networking equipment serving certain websites doesn’t appear to support the new packets.

My biggest mistake last night was beginning to read she hates my futon at around midnight. I finished it around 2:00 AM; what a great novella. It’s all on the web, and what’s written so far is divided into 23 easy-to-digest chapters, so you don’t have much excuse for not going there now and starting to read.

Wow — finally, good medical news for people like me!