Two weeks ago, I learned all about the exciting side of being a pediatrician, but this week, I had to experience a little more of the depressing side — I had to tell a mom that her daughter has cancer.

I really like Sylvia’s post from April 19th. Go read it.

It’s funny — I didn’t realize how much I rely upon being able to search the Usenet archives until Google Groups took over and temporarily took most of the older posts offline. Lucky for me (and everyone else), the old posts are back; the icing on the cake is that Google’s searches occur much faster than they did under Deja’s old system. (Remember that it’s searching a database of over one terabyte of information.)

deja search return time

Other cool things about Google’s new interface: it redirects from old URLs to the right article in Google’s new database, and it supports equivalents of almost all of the old Deja search language terms. Something I don’t like is that it seems that it takes much longer for articles to get into the database, but given how quickly Deja got the old databases online, I’m not too worried that this will remain a limitation for long.

Lest you think that the judges of this country are immune to the temptations of vice, has compiled a list of last year’s most injudicious wearers of the robe.

Reading the email that Gary Krakow received in response to his review of Apple’s OS X, I’m glad that I don’t write a widely-read computer opinion column. It just doesn’t seem like it would be all that satisfying to deal with that many uninformed, rabid evangelists who feel welcome to call you an asshole for writing about your experiences and beliefs.