An update on Jenny, for those of you who asked how she was doing: she was admitted to the hospital yesterday for preliminary imaging studies, and she’s booked in the operating room to have the tumor removed on Monday. Today, she went to angiography in order to visualize the blood vessels which feed the tumor — the neurosurgeons are looking to both predict any tricky parts of the surgery, and embolize any vessels which look to be a major problem. The embolization carries with it a pretty big risk, so Jenny’s going to be in the ICU from here on out.

I’m headed to the Poconos this weekend for my intern class retreat… kayaking, hiking, and the inevitable beer or twelve. It’s beautiful here in New York right now, and I cannot wait to get some sun exposure for the first time in who-knows-how-long.

While I’m gone, enjoy the wit and wisdom of some of my current faves: