Hello Noah! (For the uninitiated, that’s a picture of my brother and I on our vacation to Alaska last year; we’re in front of a lake that was off the side of the road on our drive back from the Kenai Peninsula.)

And as for why I’m saying hello, it’s because he’s the first family member of mine to discover Q Daily News (I’d bet from this search query that showed up in my referrer logs today). I don’t know why I’ve kept it hidden — perhaps because it’s just ramblings, not really meant for anyone much less for those closest to me, but it’s cool knowing that now the secret’s sorta out. (And, being that he’d probably keep a great site, maybe now I can coax him to let me set him up with an online home of his own.) Does anyone else hide their sites from their family? Their loved ones? Discuss amongst yourselves (you’ve got to log in to talk).

And a link for Noah — David Neiwert’s article, The First Ted Olson Scandal. I haven’t read every word of it yet (being that it’s incredibly long for an online piece), but it seems to be a pretty detailed glimpse into some nasty doings by the person who stands a good chance of being confirmed as our country’s next Solicitor General.

Everyone does know that Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 is now available, right? The W2Knews folks have made the readme file available, as well, and the Microsoft knowledge base articles about the service pack are slowly coming to life on the MS support site. So far, the list of fixes is available (in four parts — one, two, three, and four), but the release notes aren’t yet up.

There are also a few new knowledge base articles related to Service Pack 2: installation information, updates to the Win2K support tools, and enabling app compatibility mode are those that I’ve found so far.

Unlike a couple others out there, I’m not on an official posting hiatus, I’m just getting my ass kicked at work. Only a week and a half left of this rotation, though, and then I’m on evenings for a little while, leaving plenty of time awake to play on the web.