Someone remind me to spend a little while looking through William Gedney’s pictures of New York when I get more time.

How badly do you think the world needs a toaster that burns your local weather report into the toast? The scary thing is that Robin Southgate is apparently turning this in as her (his?) major project.

Let’s be perfectly clear about this — the Los Angeles Lakers made my San Antonio Spurs look like a high school pickup team in last night’s 39-point rout. This one is over.

I can’t tell you how saddening it is that advertisements are going to be digitally inserted into the syndicated Law & Order episodes that are going to be run on TNT this year. One of the best shows on TV is going to become one of the most gimmicky stunts on TV — great.

God, I was hoping that the switch of Jim Jeffords to the independent column in the Senate would lead to the failure of Ted Olson’s Solicitor General nomination. Unfortunately, Republicans slid him in under the wire; we now have a man who lied to Congress as the head defender of the United States government in court.

Originally found over at (the on hiatus, sorry Dan!) Lake Effect, I’ve been hanging onto this great way to work around Netscape’s terrible style sheet incompatibilities. (Now, I just need to implement the damn thing.)

I’m sitting here reinstalling Linux (thanks to a hard disk that didn’t didn’t want to go on living), with the constant reminder why I like Microsoft operating systems — the installation is much, much easier. Nevermind the idiotic interface and terrible documentation; the package dependency feature alone is enough to cause my blood pressure to skyrocket.


Just curious — which version of Linux?

My last round of installing operating systems was an attempt to get Windows 2000 installed at home.

Depending how I leaned, it’d either get through and be unstable, or get almost through, and then start being unable to find this file or that, never telling me exactly where that file was supposed to be, or where it could go.

I finally scrapped it and installed Linux, which had no issues (although I’ll agree that the mind-numbing fill-your-hard-drive or pick-your-way-through-minutia wasn’t all that enjoyable).

• Posted by: Roger Espinosa on May 26, 2001, 9:32 PM

Redhat 7.1. It’s definitely better than prior versions, but it’s still somewhat convoluted in places, and downright menial in others.

Your Win2K experience is interesting, only in that I’ve now installed it on probably 250 or 300 machines, all of varying configurations or makes, and haven’t had any problems. Granted, they’re all pretty new machines, with correspondingly well-supported hardware…


• Posted by: Jason Levine on May 26, 2001, 9:58 PM

I think we should call Dan’s blog defunct just to vex him, even if he insists he’s on hiatus.

• Posted by: Anil Dash on May 27, 2001, 6:01 PM
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