This week, I moved from the inpatient wards to the emergency room; for the next two weeks, I’m on the evening shift, from 5 PM to 2 AM. It’s the first time in my life that my job reflects the hours that my body wants to be awake. If left to my own devices, I’d wake up at noon and go to sleep at 3 AM every day… this rocks.

If you have to read just one account of a woman following a bare-assed, hairy man in chaps around Long Beach, California, let this one be it.

How completely cool — IBM is providing free, unhindered access to the world to Linux running on an S/390 mainframe, so that you can test your applications or just play with Linux on big iron. Pity that registrations are suspended right now “due to heavy enrollments” — I’ll have to check back in soon.

Why have I never heard Opie and Anthony?

More importantly, though, why was it not more well-publicized that someone tried to extinguish the Eternal Flame with his ass?

I’m not too terribly sure how I feel about the Supreme Court’s ruling allowing Casey Martin to use his golf cart on the PGA Tour. Don’t get me wrong — I think that it’s great that the courts recognize that people with disabilities should be given the exact same chances to live out their dreams as everyone else. What keeps going through my mind, though, is how the same doesn’t apply to, say, a runner who suffers from dermatomyositis and uses steroids to bulk up her muscle mass to that of her peers, or a basketball player who suffers from narcolepsy and uses amphetamines to keep himself awake during games. Interesting questions, probably for future courts of law.

I’m excited — this week, we’re scheduled to get a new member of the Queso network family. Expect more information soon.