Wow — could Jenna Bush’s (now famous) failed attempt to buy beer on Thursday night be her third alcohol-related citation? Most news sources are reporting it as her second (being that her ostensible first was also very public and very recent); the Houston Chronicle has dug up data that suggests the ticker’s one higher. If so, it could mean jail time for the First Daughter.

I know that someone, somewhere, for some reason really wanted to know about the ultrasonic velocity characteristics of cheddar cheese, and the effect that temperature has on said characteristics (warning: PDF file). Importantly, this study managed to “demonstrate the feasibility of using ultrasonic measurements to determine temperatures in Cheddar cheese” — this must be important to someone.

In all honesty, this spoof on a Winnie the Pooh story is worth a quick glance, if only for the graphics that accompany it. (Warning — if you like Pooh, then this probably isn’t for you.)

I gotta tell ya’, I’ve become pretty damn annoyed with the damn X10 wireless system ads that have started popping up under m y webbrowsing window. Thanks go out to Gael for a bunch of awesome links — one to X10’s explanation of the ads, and another to a page which will disable the ads. (The unfortunate thing is that that last link only disables them for 30 days, but in looking at the URL, there’s an argument that sets the 30-day variable; if that’s right, then this link should disable them for a year, and this one should disable them for 10 years.)


Hey Jason, here’s a tip which will disable the X10 ads forever. If you’re using Windows, find your hosts file. It’s normally called ‘hosts’, although depending on your Windows version it may be called hosts.txt or something like that. Put the following line at the bottom of that file:

That will immediately kill all popup ads (and also your ability to view To me, that’s a sacrifice I’m more than willing to make. You can pull this trick for all of the other advertisers you wish never to see again. My list can be found here.

This trick also works on Unix (/etc/hosts) and I think on Mac, but I can’t remember how to make it work on the Mac platform.

• Posted by: Jay Allen on Jun 3, 2001, 6:35 PM
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