Ooooh, ooooh, I want to be laid off from Guinness too!

Cool — my post Saturday about the annoying-as-hell X10 ads generated a MetaFilter thread, which in turn generated a Moneybox column in Slate.

I spent a little too long this morning entertained by the Journal of Improbable Research’s “Feline Reactions to Bearded Men”. I particularly liked the bibliography, which includes the seminal works “Feline Responses to Hairy Legs” (by Madonna Louise Ciccone) and “Feline Responses to Shaven Heads” (by Sinead O’Connor and Y. Brynner).

And in other Earth-shattering research, it appears that over 27% of men would like to mow the White House lawn, and over one in ten women would like to look out the front window to see Tom Cruise trimming the grass.

It appears that Lawrence Lee is closing up shop over at Tomalak’s Realm. Lawrence’s site was one of the early ones, and remains one of the good ones. He did something simple, and he did it well — finding interesting web-related news articles and sharing them, with only a fairly-representative pullquote as commentary. I, for one, will miss it.

Does anyone else find it completely creepy how this article from The Rising Nepal (the national daily newspaper of Nepal) never, even once, mentions how Prince Dipendra Bir Bikram ascended to the throne?