So, Tuesday was inauspicious day for things here related to the MetaFilter move. First, my T1 went down for an hour, due to Verizon losing a T3 trunk at my ISP. (Grrrr, it was the third time in the last four months that my T1 was down; my support rep heard a few creative phrases coming from me about that.) Then, last night, MetaFilter got hacked, and I threw a filter on the router that prevented anyone but Matt or me from accessing the machine until we got things back in order.

bandwidth graph

After working last night to clean the MetaFilter box up and secure it down, I’ve thrown together a few lessons learned from the hack. I don’t claim that it’s a comprehensive list; instead, it’s just a few things to think about.

What a great photo; something which helps highlight why it’s amazing is the knowledge that Kobe Bryant (on the left) is 6 foot 7, while Allen Iverson is 6 feet 0. Go Sixers! (Of course, I’m rooting for the Sixers because I’m of the school that roots against the team that beat my team, and the Lakers crushed my San Antonio Spurs.)

And what another great photo; it may help to know that the guy in the front is average-sized, and the expanse behind him is the size of a whole planet. (Go ahead, roll your eyes at me…)

I’m with Dori and Rebecca — Dave probably should shut down WinerLog after the author’s latest stunt, starting a contest to break into Manila websites. (Then again, I’ve pretty much always felt that it’s Dave’s playground, to do with whatever he pleases.) However, the idea behind the contest isn’t a bad one (trying to improve the security of Frontier-hosted websites). Dave himself should set up a server with a similar contest, and then use the results to build a stronger product.

Last night, I worked the acute side of the pediatric ER, and had a total blast. I took care of a sum total of 13 patients (a lot, given the fact that my job was to handle the sickest of the sick in the ER, not the kids who come in with minor complaints and are sent home in a half-hour). I kept little labels with all of their names and issues, just so I could recap them at night’s end. Here’s the rundown:

  • a seven year-old girl, four months out from a bone marrow transplant for acute leukemia, who was in for fever, pharyngitis, and a broken central venous line;
  • a two month-old with VACTERL syndrome who was noted to be breathing around 80 times a minute in cardiology clinic, and was found to have massive pulmonary edema;
  • a four month-old with an heretofore uncharacterized chromosomal abnormality (a monosomy and a trisomy), who began having infantile spasms at home yesterday morning;
  • a ten year-old girl with abdominal pain, which slowly progressed to what was thought to be appendicitis (she went to the operating room as I was leaving, and thus, I don’t know if the surgeons found an inflamed appendix);
  • a fourteen year-old girl in for her third visit with abdominal pain, found to have ovarian cysts on a prior visit but now with pain inconsistent with that diagnosis;
  • a fourteen month-old boy and a seventeen month-old boy, both with fevers to 104 and wheezing, both found to have raging viral throat infections, and both eventually sent home with albuterol treatments and aggressive fever control;
  • an eight-month boy and a seventeen month-old girl, both with low-grade fevers and decreased oral intake, both found to have mild viral pharyngitis and dehydration;
  • an eight month-old girl who was in for her second visit in two days, both times for fever and vomiting, this time found to have findings consistent with pneumonia;
  • a two year-old boy who had a fever, was breathing around sixty times a minute, and had low oxygen saturation levels;
  • a seven year-old boy with pulmonary lymphangectasia and pulmonary hypertension who began coughing up frank blood yesterday afternoon;
  • a seven week-old infant with projectile vomiting for two days.

I love working on the acute side.