Will there ever be a day when I come home from an ER shift without tongue depressors and alcohol wipes in my pockets?

I’m getting so very, very sick of people bitching and moaning about things based purely on fear and loathing of Microsoft, rather than what the company is actually doing. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! For the love of God, Mossberg even got Microsoft to go on record saying that (a) the feature will be off, by default, and (b) that web page designers will be able to turn it off on their pages even if users have it turned on; despite this, though, he still feels the need to paint a picture of loathing and evil. Sorta sad.

I like the thoughts expressed here a lot.

Back on the photography thread for a quick note — check out idea no. 12, specifically the photography link in the middle menu. The photography itself is quite good; even better, if you’re using Internet Explorer, is the presentation. I have a lot to learn from this guy.

For Noah, and all you other Supreme Court fans out there: take the TRUNK (the Test of Ridiculous, Useless, Nerdy Knowledge about the Supreme Court).

Followup on the Logitech keyboard and mouse — their hardware may be great, but their software has some serious issues. Doesn’t matter if you tell the MouseWare app not to put the icon up in the taskbar; it’ll be there on the next boot. Doesn’t matter if you tell the iTouch app to put the capslock and numlock icons in the taskbar; they’ll be gone on the next boot. Confusing.