charlie and me

I just went to see Shrek with my friend Charlie; afterward, we saw this easyEverything web access spot in Times Square, and played with the webcam a bit. (Could they be any worse in quality?) The place is this huge space, with probably eight hundred computers, all with flatscreens hanging on a desk in front of you (you can see some in the background of that picture, behind us). Fast connections, modern equipment, coffee and snacks — it’s a pretty well put-together operation.

Awesome — it’s time for the JVC Jazz Festival to hit New York City again. Now, to match the schedule of the shows against my work schedule, and see what fits where…

If Dave Winer is such an advocate of what he terms the Corporate Death Penalty, would he agree that there’s an argument to be made for putting his own company to death? Winer says that he’d use it when corporations “behave recklessly with resources that don’t belong to them.” On June 7th, Dave openly said that his employees wouldn’t “redirect [their] development efforts” in order to help make Frontier a secure webserver — putting the data of everyone who uses Frontier’s webserver at risk. Likewise, there’s a whole thread at MetaFilter about Userland’s publication of every single member’s email address, despite multiple people’s attempts to get the company to change its ways, or even to get their own individual addresses removed.

Someday in the future, someone’s going to be cleaning out their underwear drawer, find a lottery ticket, and realize that they lost out bigtime.

The latest addition to the BMW Films lineup, Star, is now available. This one made me laugh hysterically — it perfectly showcases a feeling that anyone who brushes up with fame must feel. Madonna’s in this one, although that shouldn’t be a huge surprise, given that her husband directed it; what will be a big surprise is how she ends up at the end.