Today was the first day of orientation of the new pediatric interns at my hospital, and I’m not going to lie to y’all, the fact that there is a group of people coming in to replace me, allowing me to escape the awesome amount of work of this past year, is making me the happiest person alive right now.

More on Smart Tags: it seems that, in true American fashion, people are now considering lawsuit ideas to end Microsoft’s newest idea. I don’t know if I’ve heard anything more preposterous or legally specious. Can Opera be held legally liable for copyright violations because its web browser lets you turn off style sheets, and change the fonts, colors, and link styles of any web page? Hell, Netscape 6 will automatically translate web pages into other languages, and that’s pretty much the definition of a derivative work. People need to get over their apocalyptic fear of Microsoft — it’s making morons of them.

When I read the headline “Bush to unveil global warming plan”, I half-expected the article to describe a very specific Bush Administration initiative wherein the Earth’s temperature will be warmed by a certain amount every year, to a certain goal. In addition, industries would be given incentives to reach the goals, and rewards for getting there on time.

Last night, there was a cool storm in New York, complete with thunder and lightning and driving rain. One thing I really miss about Texas is the frequency of storms like that — it’s fine one moment, and then rain is just pouring out of the sky, thunder clapping and lightning blazing, the next moment, and then it all returns to normal a couple minutes later.

It may just be me, but it seems that it wouldn’t be that hard to use Microsoft’s SharePoint Team Services as a back-end for a weblog. You don’t need a SQL Server database to run it; it will install MSDE (essentially, SQL Server lite) if you want it to. All in all, it’s a pretty interesting thing to think about — Microsoft muscling in on the weblog space.