I seem to keep re-discovering Digital Photography Review. It’s amazing how comprehensive a site it is; it manages to have reviews of anything that’s even remotely related to digital photography, complete with amazing photo examples of every camera. If you’re looking to buy a digital camera, don’t do it without visiting DPR.

nyc weather 06.16.2001
Ugh, the weather in NYC is about as disgusting as it’s been this year. Mid-80s, high humidity, no sun… you start sweating within milliseconds of walking outside. Bleah.

Remember the lottery ticket I talked about a few days back? Well, the guy found it in a junk drawer, realized he had won nearly $24 million, and then mailed it into the lottery headquarters to claim his prize. Understated, yes, but also incredibly trusting of the U.S. Postal Service. The story does end well, though — he got his money.

I’m very confused. It has always seemed to me that one thing Republicans are all about, especially when it comes to education, is local control rather than Federal mandates. Right? Then I cannot, for the life of me, understand why the Senate passed an amendment to the education bill which bans giving federal funds to school districts which deny the use of their facilities to the Boy Scouts. Oh, wait… I understand — it’s because the disgusting anti-homosexual agenda is much stronger than the smaller Federal government agenda. (Thankfully, Barbara Boxer got the amendment nullified by passing an alternative, which unfortunately, would still allow the Boy Scouts to use schools.)

Monday, a New York judge presided over the legal marriage of a convicted rapist and the mother of his victim. The judge, James Canfield, has done this many times, claiming that it allows the convict to have conjugal visits and to avoid deviant behavior in prison; this week, he also presided over the last-minute wedding of a man convicted of having sex with two of his own daughters. I saw this over someone’s shoulder on the subway yesterday, and had to find it myself to believe it; I thought that it was just typical New York Post sensationalism, but nope, it’s true.