I finally got out and saw Memento this weekend. What a great movie — I’m going to be thinking about it for days, weeks. (Click and drag over the next blank space to see the big questions I have, so long as you’ve seen it or don’t mind a spoiler or two.)

Did Samuel Jenkis really exist? Did the intruder kill Lenny’s wife? Did Lenny kill his wife? How did Lenny remember that he had a condition at all? In the last scene, when Lenny’s with his wife but has all his tattoos, what’s the tattoo that’s in the spot over his heart, the spot that was empty the rest of the movie?

Ugh — there’s a whole page full of those annoying web ads, the ones that come in over the content of the page and have no obvious way to make them stop. They appear to be called Shoshkeles; they probably should be called Terrible Ideas.

After being pointed in the general direction by a reader, I spent some of yesterday and today trying to find the best stuff on the web related to last week’s total solar eclipse; I ended up with two links. The first is to a general recap of photos, showing the diamond-ring appearance just before and the awesome corona during the eclipse. The second, though, is an awesome view of the lunar shadow crossing the southern Atlantic Ocean and Africa, taken as a series of still satellite images. (The latter is 1.8 Mb and has been up and down all weekend, so I mirrored it locally for your viewing pleasure.)

Anna Quindlen has a pretty damn good column on the horror of what happened when Andrea Yates killed her five children last week. It’s a hard column to summarize — you’ll have to go read it yourself.

Something for me to file away for use in the future: CSS Enhancements in Internet Explorer 6 Public Preview.