Thank you to all the birthday well-wishers, including those of you who were here to wish me well in person (and, specifically, those who treated me to margaritas and queso fundido con chorizo). Usually, birthdays after the big number 21 are pretty anticlimactic; this year, I had a great one, and I’m finding it pretty damn hard to wipe the satisfied smile off my face. Same time, next year?

(I just noticed that Mozilla, or at least Mozilla 0.91, doesn’t show you the images when you click on the above links; instead, it asks you which application you want to use to handle the image/jpeg that you are trying to download. I can’t, for the life of me, fathom why it’s doing this. Of course, I also just noticed that Mozilla 0.92 is out… maybe I should give that a run around the block.)

New toys rule.

For those who are still struggling with Andrea Yates’ killing of her five children, Sally Satel has a pretty good column on the current layman’s understanding of postpartum depression and psychosis.

With an implantation in Louisville, Kentucky yesterday, clinical trials officially started on the next completely-implantable artificial heart. The device, an AbioCor, has only two chambers (instead of the normal four-chambered human heart); importantly, it also has a special plastic coating that helps avoid both the destruction of blood cells and the formation of clots around the edges of the device. It’ll be interesting to see how these trials go.

Seen this weekend, on West 80th Street in New York City:

no baby carriages???

How did I manage to miss Dahlia Lithwick’s wrap-up of the D.C. Circuit Court’s Microsoft decision? As always, it’s terrific.