These are the photo pages that I’ve put together over time, documenting things that have happened in my life, or nothing at all.


Washington D.C., March 2002: Shannon and I went down to see friends and check out the cherry blossoms.

South by Southwest, 2002: the pictures from my trip to Austin in March 2002, to finally meet all the people that I’ve been reading (and virtually communicating with) over the years.

Ground Zero, 1/1/2002: a set of images from my trip down to the site of the World Trade Center attacks on New Year’s Day 2002.

Seattle 2001: a photo log of my vacation to visit my brother in Seattle in August and September of 2001. Includes my visit to the Experience Music Project, and a hike on the Hoh River Trail to see the Blue Glacier.

Just A Random Week: a week of walking around with my camera, taking pictures whenever it fit my fancy. Features a trip to the beach, dinner with a bunch of other people with sites, and even the corner of First and First.

2001 Birthday Weekend: Random pictures taken during the weekend of my birthday in 2001.

Super Bowl 2001: Our trip to Tampa, Florida, for the 2001 Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and the New York Giants.

Morrill’s Party: Michelle’s party for our graduation from med school, replete with both protodoctors and ruggers.

Super Bowl 2000: Our week-long trip to transmit back images from the Super Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia.

New Year’s Eve 1999-2000: A night in New Orleans at Emeril’s, enjoying food, wine, and the transition into 2000.