2001 birthday weekend

There’s a new photo slideshow up — it’s all pictures taken over last weekend, when I bought myself a digital camera. (In addition, I spent some time redoing the scripts that generate the slideshows, mainly because I was sick of how they looked before.)

Salon continues to be the place to read about Memento — this time, with a whole bunch of viewer theories. In addition, there’s a link to the Esquire reprint of Memento Mori, the short story that inspired the movie.

I’m glad that even non-medical people have caught onto the fact that the medical care Dick Cheney would be pretty much impossible for any average citizen to get. HMO approval for a major invasive procedure that is acknowledged by his own doctors as not being a medical necessity? Unlikely, for you and me at least.

It’s so nice to see that I’m not the only person who is driven insane by the stupid phone menu tree systems that it’s impossible to avoid these days. If every individual who developed the systems was required to read this article, the world would be a much better place.


I swear, I think that there will be a time when I feel comfortable being in the position of waiting for someone else to make a decision. But right now, it still feels like there’s a hell of a lot that I can’t control, like there are a slew of variables that may or may not work out in my favor, like there are things that are a lot closer than I ever gave them credit for. Not so strangely, all of that just puts me on edge. And then I realize that it’s not like I haven’t made a decision, too — on the contrary, I’ve decided that it feels just fine right now to wait.