How did I not know that Alan Dershowitz and Richard Posner have been having a verbal duel about the Supreme Court’s involvement in the 2000 election over on Slate?

I don’t know what it is, but I like when MetaFilter threads get totally hijacked; this morning, I spent a good five minutes laughing at this series of posts.

Now here’s some good news: six medical publishers are going to provide free access to all their journals to medical schools and researchers in the poor nations of the world. The companies (Elsevier, Wolters Kluwer, Blackwell, Harcourt General, Springer-Verlag, and John Wiley & Sons) are responsible for over 1,000 medical journals, and are offering the content as part of the World Health Organization’s push to spread primary research and evidence-based medicine to the Third World.

Anil is a rockstar for pointing out c.walker eggpants (“the ongoing story of an egg and his favorite pair of pants”). I wish I were half as creative as some of the people that I run across on the web.

I’m not quite sure where I inherited the bookmark from, but I had a pretty damn great time paging through forget magazine this past weekend. Good representative examples of what’s in store for you there: Fact and Opinion (all about accordions, including the statement that National Accordion Awareness Month is “kind of like Black History Month for white people”), and Ask a Stupid Question…, a piece ruminating on the changes in newspaper sports coverage since the advent of major television sports broadcasting. The whole thing’s worth a weekly visit.

I also like Joyce Millman’s take on the resurgence of Paul Reubens (once known to you and me as Pee-Wee Herman), if only for the line: “He was childlike in the sense that children can be naughty little devils with richly creative inner lives all their own, from which grown-ups are barred.”