the nexus of the universe

There’s a new photo slideshow up: Just A Random Week.

While I’m a sucker for stories like Harrison Ford helping find a lost Boy Scout hiker, it disappoints me a little bit that if it were just a hired state trooper doing the flying and searching, he wouldn’t get any of the public noteriety for helping track down and return a 13 year-old kid to safety.

After chatting last night with a bunch of other people who maintain sites, I’m more intrigued with PHP — what it does, what it can do, and whether it is able to do everything that I can do here with my own Frontier server. So it seems fitting that, this morning, my brief pre-work surfing randomly brought me to monaural jerk; maybe I should take it as a sign, and download it to play a bit.

Go go Gadget Space Shuttle! This trip up features a new type of main engine on the shuttle, more than doubling its reliability; of course, the real goodness in this press release is the information that the engines perform at the unbelievable temperature extremes of negative 423 degrees Farenheit (the fuel) and 6,000 degrees Farenheit (the combustion). Cooooool.


I don’t know when the last time was that I felt this tired. It’s strange — I’m on an easy month in the hospital, but it seems that my body is refusing to recognize that. And then add on top of it a few weeks of into-the-night phone calls, laying out in the sun yesterday (albeit enjoying reading and watching kids play in the surf), and then a late last night, and I feel downright pooped today. I think it’s naptime!