Happy Friday the 13th!

The Public Citizen’s Health Research Group has released a report that confirms that patient dumping — refusing to treat patients without insurance or with other “objectionable” conditions — is still very much a feature of emergency room management in America. Thankfully, my hospital isn’t represented in the list of confirmed violations of the law; then again, being an incredibly urban hospital, we’re the ones that usually are dumped upon rather than the other way around.

OK, I have no idea how I didn’t know that PBS was showing a new special on Air Force One earlier this week. It may just be me, but I think that TiVo needs to be a little more aware of my viewing desires…

Cool picture alert — it’s an extended-exposure image of the Space Shuttle’s launch yesterday, with the plume arching brightly into the distance.

Wow — a group of Caltech engineers successfully used a kite to stand a 6,900-pound obelisk upright, demonstrating the possibility that the Egyptians may have pulled off the building of the pyramids and monuments without quite as much manpower as has been believed to be needed.

Recent Mirror Project submissions by yours truly: with SLC, in the lobby, and with the boys.

Combining the concepts of Dubya’s irregular mentation and Cheney’s irregular heartbeat, Tom McNichols has a pretty funny satire up over at Salon.

In one of the sillier moves I’ve seen lately, Los Angeles is looking to impose a property tax the orbiting satellites of companies based in LA, classifying them as “movable personal property.” My question: how much will the city of LA spend on court cousts fighting to be able to impose this tax?

Hey, I think I know this guy! (CNNdotCOM, tomorrow, on CNNfn, 12:30 PM Eastern.)


“In the eyes of the residency program, you had an exceptionally good year, and we look forward to the next two years of your work with us.” My meeting with the chairman of my residency program went well, needless to say; I even got up the nerve to ask him about the entire selection process for the chief residents. All in all, a happy morning.