Thanks to Anil, I found Mena’s latest post, Radio, Radio, an NPR-type audio entry about finding an old audio cassette of a toddler Mena’s babbling, and surprisingly, a young Mena father singing. It’s definitely worth the 3 minutes and 19 seconds it takes to listen to. (And as an aside, why have I never known about her site?)

It’s nice to know that Microsoft has a sense of humor about the abysmal failure that was Clippy.

I rarely look at the search terms that people use to click through to Q, but yesterday, one caught my eye: cursing like a pro. Funny, damn funny.

I really don’t know what I could possibly say about this. (A not-terribly-translated page about the artist is here, thanks to Google.)

As part of a hospital project, I spent some serious time yesterday writing a new Manila plug-in that wrangles the webserver logs here. (If there’s any interest, I’ll think about cleaning it up and making the plug-in available for public consumption.) After I was done (or provisionally done, since I have a feeling I’ll spend a lot of time over the coming weeks tweaking and tweaking), I went searching for good resources to identify search engine spiders and crawlers; my next project is to get a decent idea of who’s crawling this site, and who abides by the rules for what’s permissible to crawl.