sts-104 night landing

The Shuttle’s back from its latest trip up to the space station; NASA has put a bunch of pretty cool videos up from the mission.

I mean, come on — how can I not giggle when, perusing the Yahoo news headline site, I see an article entitled “Survey: Cybersex Takes Less Time Than Expected”? Of course, there’s great quotage: “While men might be looking for stimulation, women often seem to be looking for education.” (To which I said, “It’s because men know what they’re doing.” To which SLC said, “No, it’s because men think they know what they’re doing!”)

If you want to understand why it is that I love my pediatrics work so damn much, you really only need to take a look at the following two pictures (click on them to get bigger versions):

twins sleeping   me and the twins

I really don’t know how to reconcile the news from a few days ago with this news — so rates of sex-related HIV infection among teenage girls are on the rise, but rates of childbirth among teenage girls are falling? The first sorta necessitates sex without protection, but the second points away from that altogether. (Or, teenage girls are availing themselves of the various post-coital contraception and abortion options more, or that teenage boys are less fertile.)

Bummer — I was all excited to start using, and to point to, Matt Webb’s Googlematic (an AOL Instant Messenger-to-Google interface), but then, it fell over and went boom. Hopefully, Matt will work out the issue (or Google will clarify that they don’t want him doing what he’s doing, or whatever); in the mean time, awesome idea, Matt.

No matter how you feel about Microsoft and their market behavior, you sorta have to admit that the very definition of lunacy is letting a U.S. Senator design software. I mean, these guys can barely design legislation worth a damn. Every bill that comes out of Congress has about fourteen quintillion amendments tacked on that have nothing to do with the original intent of the bill; if you think that Microsoft’s guilty of constantly adding features that don’t need to be there, you just wait until Chuckie Schumer starts designing Windows.