Oh my god, if I had a car, I’d be all over this: two McDonalds on Long Island are testing allowing drive-through customers to pay for their meals with E-ZPass.

There’s just no other way to say it — Lance Armstrong is just frickin’ amazing. Going from testicular cancer — scratch that, metastatic testicular cancer — to three straight Tour de France wins is just completely, overwhelmingly, totally amazing.

Eeeek — and I was on an Amtrak train yesterday!

In spite of all the bad reviews, I saw America’s Sweethearts over the weekend and loved it. Billy Crystal is hilarious, Catherine Zeta Jones is vicious, Julia Roberts is understated, Stanley Tucci is nefarious, and the whole thing just worked for me.

I really have nothing more to add to this.

I start the pediatric ICU tomorrow, and I’d be lying to you if I said that I’m not pretty terrified. Combine the sickest of the sick kids with the clearest need for excellent acute management skills, and my head starts to hurt a little. Needless to say, I’m going to be shellshocked for a few days, so forgive me if I’m a bit terse here.


I spent a nice early weekend in D.C. (hence the lack of updates for a few days there); it let me indulge in my love of trains, spend some great time with SLC and her awesome friends, and I got to get out of the city before starting what could be my hardest rotation yet. The result of the trip was a realization that things don’t move nearly as fast as my impatient soul wants them to, though, and I’m now left with a lot to think about and a lot to explore within the caverns of my own brain. (Brief addendum: you rock. Yes, you.)