If Robert Iler (AJ Soprano) is convicted, he could face fifteen years in prison; I wonder how they’ll write him out of the Sopranos if it happens.

Primary pulmonary hypertension of childhood is a nasty disease. (Imagine if the blood pressure in all of the vessels in your lungs skyrocketed, pushing all the blood out of them, and preventing you from getting any oxygen from your lungs into your bloodstream. That’s primary pulmonary hypertension.) Traditionally, it’s treated with a continuous intravenous infusion of a drug called prostacyclin — it’s a medicine that causes the pressure in those vessels to lower, and the people who are on it need to have a permanent IV catheter and a continuously-running IV pump on them at all times. Doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital, however, have come up with a potential new treatment — intravenous sildenafil, otherwise known as Viagra.

Damn, talk about a kick-ass digital camera… (I wonder if Heather will accept any images taken with this one into the Mirror Project.)

For a good review of the extension of typography to the computer screen, check out Alien Typography. The article comes from Digital Web Magazine, which looks to be a sure-fire bookmarkable site (despite the fact that its current home page design leaves me wondering if the site’s designers read the content).


Things that I learned in the PICU today:

  1. It’s possible for a doctor’s arm, an appropriate-sized mask, and an ambu bag to substitute for a child’s diaphragm for a really long time. Two childrens’, in fact.
  2. The minute that you declare that a child is “out of the woods,” the likelihood of that child seizing goes up tenfold.
  3. In times of stress, parents tend to put all their focus on things that they can control; it may mean that they don’t seem to be grasping the seriousness of their child’s condition, but in reality, they are just trying to contribute what they are able to in order to get the child better.