Holy fuck, it’s hot out. It’s the kind of hot that makes your muscles ache, makes your eyes burn, makes your inner ears feel like they’re boiling and about to burst forth in an effort to find someplace, anyplace cool to go. Even the typical over-air-conditioned New York restaurants don’t offer enough respite from the heat. Thank God and all that’s holy that it looks like it’s coming to an end tomorrow.

Good luck to my brother Noah, who will be arguing his first case in front of a Federal District Court in the near future. Awesome.

Oh, what a great story.

Sorry to have to break the news that we can’t blame Microsoft’s leaky security on IIS, Meg — it appears to have been simply a case of a full hard disk. It also appears to be all better now, and I’m keeping an active eye on things.

You know all that press you’ve been reading about GLAAD’s denunciation of Kevin Smith’s newest film, “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back”? Well, as is usually the case, it turns out that there is an entirely different side to the story — one that seems to involve the GLAAD representative agreeing that he was overcalling issues, getting Smith to donate a big wad of money to the Matthew Shephard Foundation, and then still telling everyone who would listen what a homophobic film it is.

I’m now a part of ScreenShotStart.com. I like the way that the little thumbnail looks…


It’s satisfying to see that people learn lessons. I was on in the ICU for a 24-hour shift yesterday, and in the late afternoon, a senior peds resident on one of the floors of the hospital came up to us to tell us about a patient who was getting sicker — she appeared septic, and they wanted to get her to us immediately. And, unlike the last experience I had with a patient who got septic on the floor, she got to us quickly, and we were able to manage her appropriately. And yeah, she’s still very sick, but she’s going to make it through this.