Yeah, buddywe all feel your pain.

Flipping through the recent Astronomy Picture of the Day entries, I came across a great one of a warped spiral galaxy. It’s nearly unfathomable to me that things exist on this scale; every time my mind wanders in that direction, I have to sit down and get my bearings lest my head explode.

For all you people using Internet Explorer on Windows, service pack 2 for Internet Explorer 5.5 is now out. (Here’s a list of the fixes, if you’re into reading that sorta thing.)

I have to admit, I fell off the wagon for a little while, but I’m back to reading Beth on a nearly-daily basis. Add Mena to the mix, and sprinkle a healthy dose of Lia, and you have a nice casserole from my too-entertaining-to-not-read cookbook, made from the freshest ingredients.


One “feature” of IE5.5SP2 is it removes support for Netscape-style plug-ins. Therefore, QuickTime will no longer work.

Back when there was competition, IE added Netscape plug-in support and then Java because Netscape had it and it was necessary to compete. Now that they don’t have to compete, they can remove those things and make people use the MS-only browser they always wanted people to have to use.

The good news is Mozilla kicks butt now. :-)


• Posted by: Jim Roepcke on Aug 12, 2001, 1:30 PM
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