I’ve been feeling guilty this week. Shannon and I are both pretty much non-religious, but in light of the events here in New York last week, Shannon felt it was important to go to church last weekend. My extended family celebrates Rosh Hashanah every year, and the deal that Shannon and I made was this: she’d accompany me to the family dinner if I’d accompany her to church. What was the source of my guilt in this, you ask? Well, we made it to Rosh Hashanah without a problem, but… we didn’t make it to church.

The way I’m making it up to her, though, is that I managed to get us tickets to the memorial service that’s being held today at Yankee Stadium. Apparently, the security’s going to be tight (no bags, bottles, or umbrellas, and picture IDs required from everyone); there’s also going to be a wide no-fly zone over the Stadium. I’m hoping I’m allowed to bring my camera in.