Have you ever been called inadequate by an ex-girlfriend? How about in the New York Times?

Ms. Kahn and Mr. Kirby met at Columbia, where they graduated, she summa cum laude. Ms. Kahn remembered “gazing fondly” at Mr. Kirby as they crossed paths going to and from classes on campus during the spring of 1993.
“Specifically, on Tuesdays and Thursdays around 11 a.m.,” she recalled. Yet for more than a year, they never spoke, mainly because Ms. Kahn had a boyfriend for most of that time and Mr. Kirby was oblivious to Ms. Kahn’s silent admiration.

Ah, how history gets reinterpreted… smiley:


snicker, snort. i finally caught up with this posting via an old link to Q daily news … passed along randomly by a friend.


i could say the quote was taken out of context, but more realistically it was made into a journalistic flourish.

as far as your interpretation: *inadequate*?? hardly. but tell me you NEVER glanced at a stranger ‘cross campus while we were together? as a spry young man?? yeah right.


• Posted by: amanda kahn-kirby on Jul 22, 2004, 5:06 PM
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