So, I’ve spent my afternoon upgrading my desktop machine to Windows XP, and so far, I love it. The things that I love most about it? (Note: this list will most likely change as I find new things throughout the evening…)

  • ClearType
  • finally, built-in ZIP file handling
  • the incredibly fast start-up time
  • less crap on the Desktop!
  • a System Tray that collapses to hide seldom-used stuff
  • a Taskbar that groups similar apps together
  • a fast, fast UI
  • built-in CD writing, including automatic creation of multisession discs and use of CD-RW discs (finally, both are useful!)
  • Terminal Services, even on the Professional level installation

Things I wish I could love about it:

  • Fast User Switching (it doesn’t work if your machine is part of a Windows domain, which mine is)
  • the Active Directory administration tools (which don’t exist yet for the XP client side, although I am about to install and try out the beta versions that came with my MSDN membership)

Hi Jason, I saw Dave Winer’s link to your reaction to XP, and I thought I’d refer you to my own. I, too, am happy with it, but I experienced a bunch of issues with the upgrade:

• Posted by: Jim Jarrett on Oct 29, 2001, 9:09 AM
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