A Connecticut Superior Court ruled this week that a hospital’s responsibility to its patients is important enough to outweigh any responsibility to nonpatient visitors. While this may seem logical to you and me, it wasn’t that clear to Anne Marie Murillo; she was watching a nurse put an IV into her sister, passed out, and sued the hospital for neglecting some “duty to prevent her from fainting, or at least falling.” When will people become responsible for their own damn selves in this country again?


Interestingly, it seems that Ms. Murillo has another open tort claim in Connecticut, this one against an ambulance company. I wonder what this one’s about?

I wish that all court documents were on the web…

• Posted by: Jason Levine on Oct 31, 2001, 2:53 PM

Perhaps the ambulance backed into her while she was chasing it…

• Posted by: Eamon Daly on Oct 31, 2001, 6:14 PM
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