I know it’s probably considered cliche to rag on Calista Flockhart’s rapidly-disappearing body fat content these days, but I’m actually hard-pressed to believe that she could possibly get any skinnier. She used to be cute; now, she’s just gross.


I never cared too much about the stars and how they look; they have their own unique thing going on. But that pic of Calista Flockhart you posted has made me realize just how horrible it must be for women in the t.v. business. There’s no way she can’t be anorexic; look at her hair! I noticed that her hair from the pic you posted of her before is much thicker (if that is her real hair, that is). Thinning hair, and even hair loss, is a side effect of anorexia. Soon we’ll be hearing about how she has heart troubles…

By the way, since I stumbled on your site a couple of months ago, I’ve enjoyed at least weekly visits. This is a great site you have going!

• Posted by: Milinda on Nov 11, 2001, 10:41 PM
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