Frighteningly, researchers have recently found that white coat hypertension — high blood pressure only when faced with having it measured at a doctor’s office visit — can actually be a sign of future heart disease. For doctors, this should mean that any hypertension should be followed closely; for me, this should serve as a warning (since I have had white coat hypertension at my last two physicals, despite having a normal-to-low blood pressure at other times).


Aha, I’ve done that! I didn’t know there was a name for it. Went to the doctor for some routine ill that didn’t want to go away and hit something like 180/85 or so. Everyone was kinda worried, thats a bit high. So I followed up and only hit my usual 135/80 and haven’t seen those scary numbers since.

I know I’m doomed though, family history and everything. I’m good with salt but bad about exercising, not so good with the diet. This is just another warning, confirms that my body is quite capable of the stuff my father and grandfather deal/dealt with.

• Posted by: Chris Cothrun on Dec 21, 2001, 1:48 PM
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