Has anyone else noticed the immense upsurge in the amount of spam (unsolicited email) flying around the net these days? It started to get to me last week, when I noticed that around 85-90% of my inbox was comprised of offers to make millions while working from home and ads for Cipro or Viagra without a doctor’s visit or prescription. Since I control my own mail server, I went searching around the net to find a good way to filter all my incoming email, and ended up discovering SpamBlocker. I spent a good deal of time last night and this morning getting all the pieces in place (and correcting a major set of typos in the example config file), but now I have what seems to be a damn fine set of filters determining what should go into my general inbox, and what should be filed away in folders that I can check once or twice daily to see what fell through the cracks. I’ll keep you all posted as to my experiences from here on out.