While I never motivated to get the pictures up from my first visit down to Ground Zero, I did put up images from my trip yesterday. It’s amazing how much work they’ve done in the past three and a half months; it’s also still sobering to see what these men were able to do to New York City.


Hi Jason,

I’ve been much impressed with the pictures you’ve taken, but couldn’t afford the 995 so I boought its baby brother, the 885.
I’m having fun with it, but am not too impressed with the Cumulus catalog system.

A couple of questions: what do you use to organize your photos, and what did you use to create your web presentation (I was wondering if I could simply do the same thing without having a web site and just use my browser to display my pics)?

Any suggestions that you, or anyone else here, could offer would be much appreciated. Thanks…Dave.

ps - for some reason the logon button isn’t working on Netscape 4.78 so I had to switch over to IE to post…

• Posted by: dave dobbs on Jan 6, 2002, 5:40 PM
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