One of the things I absolutely can’t stand in this world is people who have some cause, and feel that I’m a lesser person if I don’t have the same passion for that cause as they do. I spent my entire afternoon with a group that deals with domestic violence in Upper Manhattan, and instead of educating us about the things that we should look for or do, they patronized us with an hour-long soap opera about a woman being abused, and then made us feel small (or tried to, at least) because we didn’t immediately adopt their cause as our own. The sad thing is that it’s my understanding that most of the residents have had the same experience, and that means that rather than helping a group of pediatricians better recognize domestic violence, they just pissed us all off.


That’s the nice thing about comedians. They can tell us horrible things, but in a way that makes us smile and become more aware instead of pissing us off. I just read a profound essay by George Carlin about the state of the world today and thought more comedians should be ministers or politicians. It takes a bright mind to get a point across humorously.

• Posted by: betsy on Jan 17, 2002, 12:52 PM
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