I’m feeling healthy and productive today.

I was an outdoor swimmer as a kid, and as a result, I’ve ended up with a few little moles and whatnot that have never worried me. A few weeks ago, though, Shannon noticed one that didn’t look like the rest, so I went to a general internist this past week. He didn’t think it was anything, but decided to let a dermatologist take a look; while I was there, he did general bloodwork. Today, all in about an hour, I saw the dermatologist and got the results of the bloodwork. As for the dermatologist, he thinks it’s nothing, but he did an excisional biopsy just to be sure. As for the bloodwork, completely clean bill of health — good glucose screening tests, decent cholesterol level. Satisfied, healthy me.

And the productive part comes from this weekend, when I decided to finally finish off my fellowship applications. It was a bitch — I spent literally all day Saturday working on them, scanning and typing the forms, writing my personal statement and CV, and generating all the envelopes, labels, and cover letters. Tonight, I just sealed up eight applications to go into the mail tomorrow, and I emailed a ninth, which leaves only one to go (my own hospital, which has yet to get it to me).

With so much accomplished, where will my daily angst come from now?