Tom Shales has a well-written column today on the NBC coverage of the Olympic opening ceremonies, agreeing that Bob-n-Katie’s coverage was painful, but also extending his criticism to the producers of the television event. I particularly like Shales’ notice of Costas’ failed attempt at making his script seem like impromptu eloquence (with his “the temperature here is in the twenties” quote); I also like his conclusion, which reads, in part: “More and more, NBC is becoming a living monument to execrably bad taste.”


I think Mr.Shales column stinks. What about the singing cop from New York City. Here is a good one, the World Trade Center flag. How about the native american aspect of the telecast. Is Mr. Shales a writer or a director. He sounds like a grumpy old man who can only focus on the negative aspects of the telecast.

I am infuriated by some of the foreign press response to the openning ceremonies.especially an article written by a sports writer in kuwait, a Mr. Hafez Dahi at Al-Siyaasah. Didn’t we save their asses a few years ago

• Posted by: John Halloran on Feb 10, 2002, 4:05 PM

John, you’re missing a pretty damn huge point here — Shales’s column isn’t about the quality of the opening ceremonies themselves, it’s about NBC’s coverage of the ceremonies. (In fact, the only times he judges the ceremonies themselves, he says that they were amazing, like when he wrote, “the evening was dominated by glorious spectacle and that special sense of international harmony that only the Olympics can evoke.”) Focus a little on his point, and maybe you’ll notice that it doesn’t preclude your own.

Oh, and why on Earth would you think that our military action in Kuwait would mean that sportswriters in that country shouldn’t be allowed to write what they want? (Nevermind that the rest of us have no idea what he wrote that got your tailfeathers all ruffled.) It’s a special breed of people who feel that others are somehow less entitled to various freedoms because of some action we as a nation took on their nation’s behalf.

• Posted by: Jason Levine on Feb 10, 2002, 4:19 PM
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