A little reference for myself, for the various picture show macros that I’ve installed here:

  • webpages:
    • /picOrderEdit: the editor for the order of pictures in a picture show. Lets you define the previous and next image for each photo in the show, as well as a title for the show. Caveats:
      1. you need to manually put in the picture show title on each picture page (it doesn’t handle automatically doing this for you);
      2. you need to make sure that you submit the info for the last picture in the show, so that the info about the previous photo to that one, as well as the title of the show as displayed on that photo’s page, are saved.

    • /pictureShow: the page that actually displays the pictures themselves, as part of the picture show. Takes a single search argument, as such:


    • /popupPictureViewer: the page that displays popup images; you’ll never need to call this by yourself, as the {popupPicLink} macro should generate the link for you.

  • macros:

    • {popupPicLink}: generates the link for a pop-up picture window. Used as follows:

        {popupPicLink(“num”, “link text”)}

      where num is the message number of the picture, and link text is the text that you want to be the clickable link. Here’s an example:

        {popupPicLink(“1393”, “me and shannon at dana’s wedding”)}

      should generate: [Macro error: Can’t evaluate the expression because the name “newsSite” hasn’t been defined.] .