Pure and simple, Sale and Pelletier were robbed.

(Later-in-the-day update: there may be more to the idea that Sale and Pellitier were robbed than just raw emotion. USA Today columnist Christine Brennan has what appears to be a scoop today — the French judge, Marie Reine Le Gougne, appears to have told the ISU that she was forced to vote for the Russians in a vote-swapping deal that would bring the ice dancing gold to the French next week. Brennan also mentions reports of the judge possibly being in a position of wanting to curry favor with the Russian delegation, who would make it possible for her to gain a seat on the ISU technical committee.)

It’ll be interesting to see what the findings of the ISU’s “internal assessment” turn out to be.


No kidding. That was heartbreaking to watch. It was obvious to everyone watching (but the judges, apparently) who should have been standing up there with the gold.

• Posted by: maggie on Feb 12, 2002, 4:11 PM
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