I’m back from Boston, after what felt like a whirlwind trip — on a train at 7:30 PM Thursday, arrival at 11:45 PM, immediately to sleep, awake and at the hospital by 9:30 AM, interviewing until 5:00 PM, dinner with an old friend and his girlfriend until 8:30 PM, and then back on a train, arriving back at Shannon’s at 2:00 AM Saturday morning. Then, tack onto the end: back awake at 7:45 AM, in my own hospital at 9:00 AM, on call overnight and until 10:15 AM this morning — I’m beat. But the interviews went really well, and I’m starting to feel excited about the entire process of becoming a fellow. (Of course, it’s not until July 2003, so there’s a bit of time between now and then!)