SXSW was a total blast this year, despite the fact that I had to leave early for a fellowship interview. This page is just some scribblings, mostly as a reference for myself — people I met, pictures that other people took, presentations that people did, that sorta thing. It’ll evolve as I find more and remember more.

People: (in no particular order)

These are all people that I met at some point (whether it was during kickball, or while imbibing in the lobby of the Omni). For most, I was just happy to finally put faces to their names; it was awesome to get to know quite a few of them a little more than that, and start some good friendships.


A lot of people have already put up their photo pages from SXSW; these are the ones that I’ve found. I’ll update the list as I find more, or as people put up their pix. (Of course, if you find some that I’ve omitted or not found yet, feel free to mail me with the links.)


These are links to presentation-type stuff. Some of it pertains to panels and conference stuff, other links are to artistic things that happened at night. It’s all good.


These are just things that people wrote on their sites — either during SXSW or after they got home — that I liked.