So, given that I got about 12 hours of sleep last night (while on call!), I spent most of today writing a new system to view comments here. Below each home page post, there’s a new “Comment” link (replacing the old Discuss link), which will take you to a pop-up window where you can jot off your remarks about whatever drivel I’ve written. You still have to log in — or create an account, and then log in — in order to participate; that’s something that would take a little more effort to work around with my software.

I still have a few things to tweak (like letting you log in from the comment page, rather than jumping to the login page and then back), but I’d be happy to hear any comments about what people like and don’t like with the new system.


A few other things that are important about the new comment interface:

— email addresses are no longer available to people who aren’t logged in, preventing spambots from harvesting email addresses from this site.

— if you have a website, you can add its address to your profile, and then underneath any of your comments, your name will link to your site.

• Posted by: Jason Levine on Mar 17, 2002, 7:13 PM

And one more thing: your email address will only be displayed if you’ve set the preference to display it.

So, to summarize: in order for your email address to be displayed on the comment page, you have to have turned on the “View email address?” preference and the person looking at the comment page must be logged in. This way, there’s no chance of a spambot getting your email address.

• Posted by: Jason Levine on Mar 17, 2002, 8:58 PM
Please note that comments automatically close after 60 days; the comment spammers love to use the older, rarely-viewed pages to work their magic. If comments are closed and you want to let me know something, feel free to use the contact page!