Matt Frondorf, a photographer and engineer, pointed a camera out the passenger window of a Ford Explorer, hooked the camera’s shutter release up to the odometer, and started driving from the Statue of Liberty (well, near it in New Jersey) to San Francisco. Every mile, the camera took a picture, resulting in 3,304 images that form mile markers for a cross-continental journey. It’s a pretty cool idea, and some of the images are beautiful.

It’s funny, though — as cool as this is, it happened at least three years ago, and the site’s been around for equally as long (although the Wayback Machine only has entries starting in August of 2000). I wonder what recently sparked everyone’s fancy.


I thought exactly the same thing. Who was the tipping point on this one? Maybe Slashdot (based on this guy’s post)? It was also Aortal’s Link of the Week.

• Posted by: timo on Apr 9, 2002, 10:45 AM
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