It’s funny — despite all the various and sundry doomsday scenarios that people argue will come about due to genetic engineering and embryo manipulation, it wasn’t until I saw all the pictures of featherless chickens that I felt that maybe things have gone a bit too far. Those things are creeeepy…..


I believe that the new featherless chickens are creepy. But I believe that they will be better because yes they do cut down on pollution. They will also be economically cheaper. I was the first one to bring the featherless chicken idea to the agricultural department at my school.We are located in south Georgia. We have a state paid (grants) farm that we use as a research place for different changes in agriculture. We really think that this is a very good idea. Even though I believe this, I’m not going against people who think that its crazy because everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

• Posted by: Nicole C. on Aug 20, 2002, 5:52 PM

Hi I think that Featherless Chickens Are cute Yall might think I am Crazy but they Are,I like the Red ones those are the males I have never seen a Female.

• Posted by: Taylor on Jul 15, 2003, 10:51 PM
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