For a while now, the post-September 11th news coverage has felt really stale to me, almost like it’s struggling to stay relevant to the here and now — what’s going on in Afghanistan, where Osama is thought to be, and coverage areas for new terror alerts. This weekend, though, the New York Times threw off the need for current relevance and published a deeply-researched and incredibly poignant retrospective into the 102 minutes that spanned initial impact to final collapse. “Fighting to Live as the Towers Died” is haunting, collecting accounts from survivors of the WTC alongside the phonecalls and emails from many of those who perished. There are some powerful interactive features on the website, as well — a chronology, a series of diagrams — with audio narration — that detail the areas in which most of the victims were trapped, and a set of transcripts of communications sent out from the two towers before they came down. The biggest sign to me of how good the coverage is lies in the fact that I haven’t gotten through it all yet; it brings back a lot of pain, and I have to dole that out over time.


I read the front page story over the weekend and printed out the transcripts to read as I can. They are heartbreaking. The Times should win another Pulitzer for their work here.

• Posted by: LD on May 28, 2002, 2:11 PM
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