So, I decided to be as unbiased as possible, and not only install Mozilla 1.0, but use it as my primary browser to see if it would grow on me. And in the first two days of using it, I have to admit… it didn’t. It crashed three times, once when I clicked in the address bar, once when I submitted a web form, and once when I played a QuickTime clip. I didn’t like the nonstandard widgets in the interface, either — they felt clunky and slow. I did like the tabbed interface, but didn’t like how some things wanted to open in other windows, and others were OK with opening in other tabs of the present window. And so I’m back to IE, and happy about it.


I have such a love-hate relationship with Mozilla at present. There is much to love about the tabbed interface — it’s especially nice for a habitual blog-reader, just slam down the page middle-clicking as you go — but you also have too little control as you note. I don’t find it crashing on me lately, at least that I can separate from the seeming video-related freeze-ups my HP system is plagued with; it used to crash all the time, and it’s cleaned up immensely in the late beta period. My main objection is that it seems incapable of recovering nicely from a crash or lock-up, and whenever that happens I lose significant numbers of cookies (but never all, go figure) and usually all of my history. Argh.

Then I spend some time in IE and I’m reminded why I switched. I can see certainly why many have no objections at all, but I also know Mozilla just isn’t for everyone, unfortunately.

• Posted by: Dan Hartung on Jun 8, 2002, 3:44 PM
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