A couple classically idiotic bugs that I have run into over the past week:

  • If you have Windows XP’s Welcome Screen enabled, and you turn on auditing of all logon and logoff events, then XP logs a failure for every account listed on the Welcome Screen every time that the Welcome Screen is displayed. According to the MS Knowledge Base, “this behavior is by design,” which I’d have to vote is one of the more moronic design choices that’s been made in XP.
  • If you have a Manila server, and have a search engine set up, creating a new story on your Manila site does not submit the page to the search engine for indexing. While a legitimate bug (rather than a design decision), it’s a bug that was submitted to UserLand seven months ago, and their response was that the architecture of Manila prevents them from fixing it. A while ago, I’d have been shocked that they’d be willing to just let a bug like this go unfixed; that sort of thing doesn’t surprise me anymore.