Oh, please, for the love of God and all that’s holy, don’t start sending video email, no matter what c|net has to say about it.



*sigh* When every last man, woman and child has broadband internet, maybe. I’m on a 56k modem that likes to connect at 14k. The first person to send me “video email” gets thumped upside the head.

• Posted by: Karel P Kerezman on Jul 26, 2002, 1:47 PM

Remember that video spam that went out a couple of years ago, of Sarah Jessica Parker promoting some kind of cause (I forget which)? I remember being impressed by that, both by the sheer gall of some causing sending video spam starring a celebrity, and by the surprisingly good quality of the video feed. (IIRC, it was HTML email that loaded and ran a Java Applet that streamed the video.)

• Posted by: Dan S. on Jul 27, 2002, 1:17 AM
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